Redwood Coast Music Festivals is fortunate and proud of our long time association with renowned Humboldt County artist and musician - Mr. Duane Flatmo.  Duane is best known for his murals, label art and kinetic art sculptures.  His distinctive style is instantly recognizable.

Poster Artist - Duane Flatmo 

Any route that you take through Eureka you will likely pass by some of the many murals that adorn our historic buildings. Flatmo’s first mural was the Bucksport Mural painted in 1984 at Bucksport Sporting Goods in Eureka, California. Since then his works include the Murray Field Vintage 193 at Eureka Travel, Nature’s Bounty on the North Coast Coop, A Landscape of Humboldt County at Pierson’s Building Center, Old Time Gas Station with Customers at Finnegan and Nasan Auto Supply, Fill’er up! on Henderson and F Streets, Horse and Hounds at Eureka Animal Clinic, Underwater Scene at Yakima Racks Corporate Offices, Multicultural Mural at Los Bagels, Pacific Outfitters in Arcata, Bigfoot at Willow Creek Ace Hardware building. and Tribute to Architecture.  Shown on the right here is the mural of the Performing Arts on the Arkley Center of Performing Arts in Eureka, which is one of the largest murals in northern California measuring 70 feet by 70 feet.


His artwork is also prominently featured on labels for Lost Coast Brewery products distributed nationwide.

Kinetic sculptures are another area where Flatmo is renowned.  At right is El Pulpo Mecanico, a 25-ft. mechanical octopus that shoots 30-foot gouts of flame from its tentacles while its eyes and tentacles move in and out.  El Pulpo Mecanico was designed and built by Duane Flatmo along with his friend Jerry Kunkel here in Humboldt County primarily out of recycled and used junk found at the local scrap yard.