Sweet & Low Melody Co

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2020 Performing Artist

The Sweet & Low Melody Co. are a unique proposition, playing the kind of vintage country/jazz hybrid pioneered in the 1940’s by Chet Atkins and Roy Lanham & The Whippoorwills, coupled with their take on the urbane sound of guitar innovator Les Paul and the King Cole Trio. They specialize in small-band arrangements utilizing the distinctive string jazz sound perfected in the pre-war era, featuring three-part vocal harmonies, twin-guitar/mandolin arrangements and a nimble rhythm section provided by string bass. The boys perform a wealth of original material and also create tailor-made arrangements of their oldest favorites.


The Melody Co. is centered around the sound and songs of guitarist/singer Chris Wilkinson, an avid student of the tone and techniques of early electrified jazz guitar stylists such as Les Paul, George Barnes, Charlie Christian et al. Chris relocated to California in 2016 from his native Great Britain, where he spent the past decade performing for European roots music festival audiences with a number of vintage-influenced groups. As a long-time fan of Hank Penny, Merle Travis and Bob Wills, he was thrilled to find himself at the epicenter of Northern California’s western swing heartland, and quickly enlisted his fellow Melody Co. musicians and began performing regularly in Sacramento and the surrounding area.


Olen Dillingham is a versatile and much in-demand multi-instrumentalist from Lincoln, California. As a student and friend of legendary mandolinist/fiddler Tiny Moore, he mastered the thrilling style of one of Bob Wills’ most celebrated soloists. But far beyond a mere imitator, Olen adds his own unique personality to both his electric mandolin and fiddle playing, internalizing the same early jazz influences as many of his heroes. This three-time Western Swing Hall of Famer recently delighted festival-goers with the Carolyn Martin Swing Band, and has performed with some of the most highly regarded country jazz alumni in history, including Jimmie Rivers and Vance Terry.


Zack Sapunor is one of Sacramento’s busiest bassmen, and after stints in San Antonio and Austin (where he toured extensively with Wayne Hancock & the Jim Cullum Jazz Band), he continues to perform nightly with a wide variety of local musicians, turning his hand to gypsy jazz, rockabilly, swing, country and rhythm & blues. A seasoned performer and devotee of mid-century musical styles, he’s become a fixture on the Sacramento music scene. Down in the engine room of the Melody Co., Zack propels the trio along with his deft slap bass rhythm, as well as providing exciting bass breaks and vocal harmonies.


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Friday - TBA


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