RCMF is excited to once again have Humboldt County

artist Matt Beard as our poster artist for 2019.  

To say Matt Beard is a big deal would be a substantial understatement. Beard has been published not only locally, nationally, but also internationally. This world -renowned artist has a large following among collectors for his stylistic coastal scenes and his ability to capture the emotion behind waves.  

2017 - 2020 Poster Artist - Matt Beard

Artist's Statement

"Growing up surfing the California coast, hunting the elusive “secret” spot, memorizing entries from Bank Wright’s classic Surfing California, the diverse beauty of this state’s coastline has captivated me from an early age, and continues to inspire my artwork to this day. So it’s appropriate that by far the longest running thread in my work has been the California coast where the moods, topographies, geologies, and our interaction with it all is varied enough to inspire several lifetimes of work. Other subjects of recent explorations have ranged from rhythmic abstractions born out of spontaneous reaction to live music, to the simple poetic subtleties of water to the varied complexities of mathematical expressions of waves through rhythms, cycles, and vibrations."  Matt Beard

One thing that sets Matt apart from other artists is that he is one of a select few that does live performance painting to live music. While a band plays, he paints a piece of art to how the music makes him feel. Beard attempts to match his brushstrokes to the beat of the music and at the end produces a finished piece of art that is typically auctioned off with proceeds donated to charity.  Our poster art was created to live music by Absynth Quartet during the course of an evening performance at Mad River Brewery and finished live online and onair in the studios of KHUM radio.    

In 2013 Beard started an association for artists to donate proceeds of artwork sales to non-profits.  His foundation is AidCurrent.   To date Matt has donated nearly $40,000 to various charities from proceeds of his art sales.

Special Event:

During the 2019 festival, artist Matt Beard will once again be painting to live music at the Morris Graves Museum venue. Original artwork will be auctioned off with proceeds donated to non-profit organizations.

All of these paintings (and many more) are available in Matt Beard's website Gallery