Roomful of Blues 

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2018 Performing Artist

Their first trip out West to Eureka in over a decade.  Returning to the West Coast for their 50th Anniversary tour.  The group has earned five Grammy Award nominations and a slew of other accolades, including seven Blues Music Awards. Twice, the prestigious DownBeat International Critics Poll selected them as Best Blues Band. With their masterful combination of jumping, horn-heavy blues and R&B, it’s no wonder why the great Count Basie called them “the hottest blues band I’ve ever heard.”


For the last 50 Years Roomful of Blues has become legendary in the Blues World.  Roomful has toured the world and recorded over 25 albums. Over their 50 year history they have included 47 different musicians many of whom have gone on to their own stellar solo careers.   Roomful is an institution dedicated to musicianship a recognized leader in their genre.


“In a class by itself . . ..”—Down Beat“. . . irresistible on the dance floor.—Mademoiselle


“If you are afflicted with podomotophobia—the fear of tapping your feet—stay clear of this band.”—People


“[They are] the baddest big blues band in the land.”—Boston Herald


“Roomful of Blues blows ’em out of the door . . . the hottest, most solid and wonderfully entertaining band of its type around.” —San Francisco Examiner


“Roomful of Blues gave an object lesson in how to tackle modern blues with traditional swing and verve.”—The Times, London


"At 50-years-old, New England’s Roomful of Blues has been around even longer than Alligator Records. For all that time, they’ve celebrated the jump blues, R&B and early rock n’ roll music of the horn-powered golden era of the late 1940s and early 1950s. Roomful don’t simply recreate the famous and obscure 78s and 45s of those years. Inspired by the spirit of the groundbreaking bands of the post-World War II decade, they’ve breathed new life into vintage songs, infusing them with boundless energy and fiery, swinging solos and vocals. For the last two decades, Roomful has been led by Chris Vachon, one of the most underrated guitarists in the blues.

  For 40 years, their hard-charging horn section has been sparked by Rich Lataille on tenor and alto sax. Energizing the band on Hook, Line & Sinker is their terrific new vocalist, Phil Pemberton. Phil’s performances showcase his flamboyant, multi-octave voice, fun-loving attitude and his deep understanding of the era when jumping blues bands were fronted by huge-voiced singers like Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris and Big Joe. Excellent, marvelous wall-to-wall grooves between the wicked guitar work and the brassy horn section, things never stop swinging."

–USA Today

Roomful of Blues - 50 Years
Roomful @ Rawa   Boogie Woogie Country Girl

 Municipal Auditorium              SAT                        9:30pm

  Redwood Coast Blues night


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