Candy Jacket Jazz Band

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2018 Performing Artist

Band leader Josh Collazo's Candy Jacket Jazz Band swings hard right out of the gate! Although this musical conglomerate is one of the newest groups out of Los Angeles, the band is comprised of some of the heaviest swing practitioners in the scene. Their new self-titled album, which was released on 4/4/17, is a nod to the past stylistically while pushing forward with fresh, original traditional jazz & swing compositions by drummer/bandleader - Josh Collazo.  In addition to all this new, original swing music, The Candy Jacket Jazz Band also loves to tackle the great tunes of the past by artists such as Duke Ellington, Rex Stewart, Gene Krupa, and Buddy Rich. Always playing with style and class, this band is not to be missed!


Michael Steinman from Jazz Lives writes:

“To my ears, this band is particularly welcome because it does the lovely balancing act of cherishing the traditions while maintaining its own identity.  The latter part — a swinging originality, splendid for dancers and listeners — blossoms because the compositions are not based on easy-to-recognize chord sequences, and there are no transcriptions from hallowed discs.  The soloists have profoundly individual voices — and are given ample freedom to have their say — and the rhythm section rocks.  The first time I listened to the CD, I enjoyed it for its own sake: you would have seen me grinning in an exuberant way.  On another hearing, I put on my Jazz Critic hat (the one with the ears) and noted with pleasure some echoes: here, an Ellington small group; here, an HRS session; there, Woody Herman’s Woodchoppers and the Basie Octet; over here, a 1946 Keynote Records date; and now and again, a late-Forties Teddy Wilson group.  You get the idea.  Buoyant creation, full of flavor.”


Josh Collazo, drums/leader

Nate Ketner, reeds

Corey Gemme - trumpet

Dan Weinstein - trombone

Chris Dawson - piano

Seth Ford-Young - bass

Albert Alva - reeds






Dont Trip! Promo video - Candy Jacket Jazz Band
Subtle Slough - Candy Jacket Jazz Band - Strutters Ball (2017)

 Sequoia Center                          FRI                          7:30pm



Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

Municipal Auditorium               SAT                         1:30pm

 Swing Dance Contest

Morris Graves                           SUN                         1:30pm

 Sequoia Center                       SAT                           9:00pm

Sequoia Swing Out evening