Dave Stuckey & The Hoot Owls

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2018 Performing Artist

Whoo's that sound? The second of swing band master Dave Stuckey's bands - The Hoot Owls have flown in the Redwood Coast Music Festival !


This is a once in a lifetime Western Swing superband and will only be performing twice on Saturday so don't miss out!


Multi-talented Dave Stuckey is a band leader, producer, singer, songwriter, drummer and swingin' guitarist extraordinaire. Just look at his activities in less than 15 years. He helped the rebirth of the american hillbilly/rockabilly scene with the Dave & Deke Combo, produced the best album of The Hot Club Of Cowtown «Tall Tales» (and co-wrote with them the beautiful «When I Lost You» and «Sleep»), found time to drum with The Untamed Youth & The Lucky Stars AND released the best western-swing album of the last 50 years -  «Get a load of this».


Before fiddler Spade Cooley & California promoter Foreman Phillips gave it a name in 1944, Western swing was simply known as "Hot String Band" music.


Dave Stuckey and The Hoot Owls mine this particular vein of the earliest form of this infectious, swinging genre, whose earliest stars were Milton Brown, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, The Light Crust Doughboys and The Tune Wranglers, among others.


This red-hot aggregation features Dave Stuckey on rhythm guitar and vocals, Andy Stein (Grammy Award winner, Asleep at the Wheel, Commander Cody, Prarie Home Companion), James Mason (Everythings Jake, Rebecca Kilgore) on fiddle, Rusty Blake (Lucky Stars, Barn Door Slammers) on pedal steel, Wally Hersom (Lucky Stars, Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, feat. Hilary Alexander, Dave Stuckey & The Hot House Gang) on bass fiddle, Katie Cavera (Ellis Island Boys, Vaud & The Villains) on banjo and the inimitable Carl Sonny Leyland (here, there and everywhere) on piano and vocals.


Don't miss this chance to dance to some swinging music while watching some of the best dancers in festival pairing up on the dance floor.


Dave Stuckey & The Hoot Owls

Dave Stuckey  - guitar, vocals      

Andy Stein - fiddle          

Carl Sonny Leyland - piano, vocals

James Mason - fiddle

Rusty Blake - pedal steel/guitar

Katie Cavera - banjo

Wally Hersom - bass fiddle








Cross Patch - Dave Stuckey & The 4 Hoot Owls
Dave Stuckey & The 4 Hoot Owls- The Thingamajig