Stompy Jones with Chris Binnings

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2018 Performing Artist

Celebrating their 20 year anniversary!   Over the years the line-up has changed but they always have the SF Bay Areas best.  Stompy Jones is a Redwood Coast favorite and they light up our dance floors wherever you find them playing.


Little David Rose's thumpin' stand-up bass, the double-shuffle drumming of Lee Beary, and the bounce piano of Scott Lawrence provide the rhythmic foundation of the band's jump style. Riffing on top is the trumpet sound of Robert Dehlinger and Jeff "Erv" Ervin on the saxophone. These two fellas create the fireworks of vintage rhythm and blues. The charming Glen Earl Brown Jr on vocals and have become a trademark of Stompy Jones.



Stompy Jones came into existence in May of 1998 at the Hi Ball Lounge in San Francisco. I talked the owners of the Hi Ball into letting me host a swing jam session on Tuesday nights with the intent of finding musicians interested in helping me form a rhythm and blues dance band. After a month of Tuesdays, I was set with a six-piece jump band that could recreate the jaunty blues sound of Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five.


This same scenario could have been told in the 1940s by Roy Milton, Joe Liggins, or T-Bone Walker. These musicians, all former big band members, crafting a small group sound based on the enormous success of Louis Jordan, created the Rhythm and Blues Era, as well as, the independent record industry. This West coast phenomenon became the foundation of Top 40 radio and what is now called Rock 'n Roll.


These small group sounds, the shuffle drumming, bounce piano, arpeggiated bass lines. were also the basis for Louis Prima's success in Las Vegas in the late 1950s. Prima put lounge music on the map with his revved-up jump style.

I have endeavored to recreate these historic sounds, as well as, combine these vintage elements with a contemporary sensibility, to craft the solid sound of Stompy Jones.


Stompy Jones

Erv Ervin - Sax & Vocals

Jackson Allen - Guitar

Chris Binnings  - Vocals

Scott Lawrence - Piano

David Rose - Upright Bass & Vocals

Leor Beary - Drums & Vocals






Stompy Jones -LIVE- San Francisco (Jumpin' Rhythm & Swing)
Stompy Jones -LIVE- (San Francisco Rhythm & Boogie)

  Adorni Center                           THUR                        7:30pm

 Thursday night kickoff


Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

 Adorni Center                          SAT                           6:00pm


Municipal Auditorium             SAT                         10:30am

Swing Dance Contest

 Eagle House                              FRI                           3:00pm


 Red Lion Pacific                      FRI                            6:00pm


Red Lion Ballroom                   SAT                           1:30pm


  Adorni Center                           THUR                        9:00pm

 Thursday night kickoff