Danny Coots

Redwood Coast Music Festival 2018 Performing Artist

Internationally Renowned,

Grammy Award-Winning Percussionist 


Danny Coots is a versatile percussionist who marches to the beat of his own drums!  He captures your attention on stage as he radiates equal rhythm throughout his whole body and into his drums.  Coots’ style is fluid and fun. It’s easy to “hear” his passion for music transferred into melodic beats of Traditional Jazz.


In 1996 Danny moved to Nashville, Tennessee and has lived there ever since. Danny has recorded extensively in Nashville, New York and L.A. and has appeared in over 100 countries. He has played on over 100 recordings, one of which won a Grammy in 2005.


After moving to Tennessee, Danny joined the Jack Daniel’s Silver Cornet Band for 5 years and helped found the Titan Hot Seven. During this time he played and recorded with Dick Hyman, Houston Person, Bob Wilber, Johnny Varro, Jeff Coffin, Tim Laughlin, Harry Allen, Dave Hungate, Bill Allred, John Allred, Randy Reinhart, Ron Hockett, John Cocuzzi, John Sheridan, Dan Barrett, Vince Giordano, Rebecca Kilgore, Ken Peplowski, Duke Heitger, Neville Dickie, Bob Shultz, Nicki Parrott, Bucky Pizzarelli, John Pizzarelli, Yve Evans, Chuck Hedges, Warren Vache and Allen Vache to name a few.





Danny Coots - Caravan
Danny Coots and Brian Holland -

Red Lion Ballroom                    FRI                          4:30pm

Gabriel's Trumpets


Performance Times:

VENUE                               DAY                      START 

 Morris Graves                            FRI                          7:30pm

Kris Tokarski Sextet

 Red Lion Pacific                       FRI                           9:00pm

 Sonny Leyland & Friends

 Morris Graves                          SAT                           3:00pm

 Au Brothers & Friends

 Red Lion Ballroom                 SAT                           6:00pm

 Gabriel's Trumpets

 Morris Graves                        SAT                            9:00pm

 Kris Tokarski Sextet

 Red Lion Ballroom                SUN                          12:00pm

 Au Brothers & Friends

 Municipal Auditorium           SUN                           4:00pm

 Gabriel's Trumpets

Red Lion Pacific                      SUN                         6:45pm

 Casserly, Leyland, Coots, Pikal and Andy Stein - after party