The Au Brothers (Gordon, Brandon & Justin) have been playing the traditional jazz of New Orleans ever since their uncle, High Sierra trombonist Howard Miyata, turned them on to the music at an early age. Among them, they have amassed three music degrees and performed with various ensembles at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Preservation Hall, Cafe Carlyle, and the Sydney Opera House, as well as at the Monterey, Redcoast Coast, Pismo, Montreux, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage, and North Sea jazz festivals. The brothers' unpredictable and entertaining selections include a variety of traditional tunes, originals, and even movie/TV themes arranged in the trad jazz style.


"The straight ahead Dixieland Jazz sound may have its roots back 100 years, but there is nothing old fashioned or out of date with the performances . by this talented family group. The quality of the playing and the cleverly crafted arrangements are excellent and demonstrate that the current generation of musicians are more than able to carry forward the great jazz traditions of the past." - Richard Irvine, Radio North Angus

Gordon Au - Trumpet         Brandon Au - Trombone

Justin Au - Trumpet           Danny Coots - Drums

Howard Miyata - Tuba        Jason Wanner - Piano

Au Brothers Jazz Band