Among the finest young roots-oriented acts on the west coast, Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners have taken the hot jazz of the 20's & 30's and combined it with country blues, western swing, and ragtime to create an irresistible sound that satisfies dancers and listeners alike. Leaning heavily on their expertly crafted originals, this 6-piece outfit based in Portland, OR also creates stunning arrangements of traditional material.

Evidenced through their live performances and own studio recordings, Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners are a breath of fresh air in both the Americana and trad jazz worlds.


Jacob Miller - Guitar/Vocals            Ben Hampton - Drum Kit/Percussion

James Ramey - Plectrum Banjo       Nate Lown - Trombone

Leon Cotter - Clarinet/Saxophone    Cary Miga - Upright Bass


Jacob Miller & The Bridge City Crooners