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VENUES                                                                                                                     VENUES

                        Shuttle Service starts at the Adorni Center and runs Thursday from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm                                  Shuttle Service starts at the Adorni Center and runs Thursday from 5:30pm until 10:30 pm
                           Friday 3:00 pm-Midnight; Saturday 11:00 am-Midnight; Sunday 10:00 am-6:00 pm                                               Friday 3:00 pm-Midnight; Saturday 11:00am-Midnight; Sunday 10:00am-6:00 pm

                                           This beautiful venue serves as Festival Headquarters beginning at 1:00pm on Friday.                                        The historic Carnegie building, now the Morris Graves Museum of Art, is a wonderful
                                           It is our second largest venue and has the scenic surroundings of Humboldt Bay.                                            part of Humboldt County's past, present and future. We are happy to offer this
                                           Inside, the venue sports a professional, master dance floor made possible through                                          beautifully restored architectural treasure as a venue for the festival. It's an intimate
                                           the fundraising efforts of community and local dance groups. This facility was made                                        performance venue with room to dance on the all wood floors.  The building has two
                                           possible through the generosity of Harry J. and Hazel Adorni.                                                              entrances and elevator service to all three levels. The rotunda and atrium areas are
                                                                                                                                                                      used as the venue and there are adjoining gallery rooms with art on display. Festival
                                           VENDORS AT ADORNI:  Papparazzi Jewelry, Music Festival merchandise
                                           FOOD TRUCKS: La Colombiana and Rax on Rax Wings                                                                            musicians love this intimate venue, and we think you will, too!

     2 HISTORIC EAGLE HOUSE  139 Second Street • SPONSORED BY JO SONJA'S INC.                                                  6 EUREKA VETERAN'S BUILDING  1018 H Street • SPONSORED BY RCMF GUILD

                                           The Inn at 2nd & C is one of Eureka's premier historic properties located in the heart                                     New in '22!   Built in 1932, the Eureka Veteran's Memorial Building is a beautiful,
                                           of the Old Town District. Formerly the Eagle House, this beautiful property has been                                       historic piece of Eureka architecture. The "Vet's Hall" completed a 9 million dollar
                                           restored and rennovated by new owners,and it's fantastic! The ballroom boasts a stained                                    renovation with acoustic improvements added to the structural restoration. It is a lovely,
                                           glass ceiling and wrap-around balcony with seating. The setting is like an intimate jazz                                   intimate setting with a spacious dance floor, stage, and seating along the walls. It's a
                                           or blues club with dancing on the refinished all-wood floors. This is a classic victorian                                  great addition for us this year, and a chance for you to experience some of our history.
                                           hotel, so you can also take advantage of one of the beautiful rooms and walk out your                                      The building is home to American Legion Post #212 and VFW Post #1872, and also
                                           door into this wonderful historic performance venue.                                                                       serves as a community space for concerts, classes, and events.


     3 PHATSY KLINE'S PARLOR LOUNGE  129 Second Street • SPONSORED BY RCMF                                                     7 SEQUOIA CONFERENCE CENTER  901 Myrtle Avenue • SPONSORED BY PIERSON'S BUILDING CENTER
                                           Located immediately adjacent to the Eagle House Ballroom in the Inn at 2nd & C, Phatsy                                     A short two blocks away from the Red Lion, Eureka's newest conference center offers
                                           Kline's Parlor Lounge has an intimate performance stage and danceable hardwood                                             state-of-the-art video and audio technology including video walls, and multiple screens
                                           floors. Bands might be performing on Phatsy's stage between sets in the ballroom.                                          and cameras independently controlled.  Constructed of beautiful redwood, this venue is
                                           Relax in one of several cozy seating areas or grab a barstool where you can enjoy craft                                    two short blocks from the Red Lion Hotel, and has ample parking. The Sequoia boasts
                                           cocktails, local wines, beers and cider as well as a fine selection of organic coffee and                                  an 1800 sq. ft. professional floating maple dance floor.
                                           tea. Snack on delicious tapas-style small plates or savor a delicious dessert. Phatsy's                                    FOOD AVAILABLE from Redwood and Adult Teen Challenge
                                           takes pride in a menu that is house made, market fresh, locally sourced, and organic                             
                                           whenever possible.

     4 HISTORIC EUREKA THEATRE 412 G Street  • SPONSORED BY SCHMIDBAUER LUMBER CO.                                             8 RED LION HOTEL PACIFIC ROOM  1929 Fourth Street • SPONSORED BY RCMF
                                           The Eureka Theater is an Art Moderne–style cinema built in 1939 by theater magnate                                         Thursday & Sunday evenings: FREE TO THE PUBLIC!
                                           George M. Mann. The theater was designed by noted San Francisco designer William                                           From 6 to 10:30pm Thursday evening, this venue will feature the Freshwater Jazz
                                           B. David, who had once worked in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Art Department in the                                             Band followed by The Redwood Dixie Gators playing music in the Pacific Room.  Join
                                           mid-1930s. The Eureka Theater was considered an ultra-modern movie theater when                                            the After Party on Sunday from 4:30 until 9:00pm, starting off with Gino & The Lone
                                           constructed in 1939, and was an expression of optimism and confidence in Eureka                                            Gunmen, follwed by Cornet Chop Suey, and closing with the Holland-Coots Quintet
                                           and Humboldt County, California as they pulled out of the Depression. The theater is                                       with guest artist, Dawn Lambeth.
                                           currently undergoing restoration and is a valued Eureka historical venue.
                                           Theater seating - Dance floor in front of the stage                                                              

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