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 FRIENDS oF thE FEStIVALFRIENDS oF thE FEStIVAL  RCMF CMF Board Board oFoF Directors Directors  FEStIVAL EtIQUEttE  Thank You

 Dave’s Place
 Demello, McAuley, McReynolds, & Holland, LLP  MARK JANSEN  President  Please Be Courteous  Shuttle Underwriters!
 Donald & Nancy Quintrell  Bands, Website, Social Media  AUDIENCE ETIQUETTE ~
 Humboldt Moving & Storage  CAROL LORENTZEN  Past President     Timber Ridge ASSISTED Living
 John & Julie Mastroni  GEORGE COONEY  Vice President  • Turn off or silence cell phones and mobile devices.   blue lake Rancheria
      Please step outside if you need to take or make a call.
 Lima’s Professional Pharmacy, Inc.
 Pacific Towing  YVONNE COONEY  Treasurer/Office Manager  • Try to limit entering and exiting to between sets
 DEB ALLEN  Secretary  • Converse quietly during performances or take it outside  SHUTTLE PHONE NUMBER
 OFFICE VOLUNTEERS  SPECIAL SUPPORT  • SEATING: General Seating is first-come, first-serve.  Festival
 Yvonne Cooney  Art Center Frame Shop  SUE ALTON  Volunteer Coordinator  Sponsors and RCMF Guild Members are entitled to Preferred   707-613-0142
 Diana Herrara  Antoinette Skiles  FRANK BACIK  J.D., Board Counsel  Seating. If preferred seats are vacant 10 minutes into the set,
 Lynn McKenna  Carmen Gentile  JACE BALDOSSER  Board Member  they may be occupied until the set ends. Once a set is over,   FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE
 Pete Rasmussen   Christie Enterprises  you may be asked to give up your seat to a Sponsor or Guild
 Su Kiel  Derral Campbell  KEVIN CHRISTIE  Band Hospitality Services  Member.     HOURS OF OPERATION
 PHOTOS, PROGRAM & WEBSITE  Domino’s Pizza  KEVIN DANEL  Board Member  DANCE FLOOR ETIQUETTE ~   TH --------5:30pm-10:30pm
 Deb Allen  Eureka Main Street  PAUL DEMARK  Media & Promotion  • Young Children on the dance floor MUST be accompanied by
 Mark Jansen  Humboldt Creamery  an adult. For everyone’s safety, please limit children on the   FRI -------3:00pm-Midnight
 Lynn McKenna  Jacky Owsley  TERESA GOODLIN  Graphic Designer  dance floor to sets before 7pm.  SAT ------11:00am-Midnight
 Teresa Goodlin Graphic Design  Jessica Waggoner  LYNN MCKENNA  Sponsorship, Children's Concerts  SUN -----10:00am-6:00pm
 Mark McKenna Photograpy  Judy’s Stuff   BILL MOEHNKE  Sound & Stage Manager  • Faster and traveling dancers on the outside lane; slower   Shuttles begin their rotation to each venue approximately every
 Matt Niesen Photography     Sewing & Embroidery  dancers on the inside lane; swing & line dancers in the center.   20 minutes, originating from the main entrance at the Adorni Center.
       Direction is counter-clockwise.
 Yvonne Cooney  Kevsbbqn  MATT NIESEN  Photography, Website, Social Media  Shuttles provide service between all Venues and Lodging Sponsors.
 Mark Allen & Crew
 POSTER ART WORK/PRINTING  BEAR WINKLE  Board Member  ~ RULES & RESTRICTIONS ~  Note: No shuttle service FROM After Parties.
 Matt Beard Art  Mercer Fraser  Redwood Coast Music Festivals was founded in 1991 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   Rule #1: Have Fun!
 Times Printing Company  Mendes Supply  Our mission is to promote economic development through increased tourism, and to support   FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE BETWEEN VENUES and at these
 Mission Linen Supply  senior programs and youth music education in Humboldt County, California.
 Universal Balance Productions  Most have designated outdoor smoking areas
 Recology Humboldt County                                     BEST WESTERN PLUS       SHUTTLE STOPS:
 SOUND ENGINEERS  Rent-A-Center   • OPEN CONTAINERS: No open containers OR outside   HUMBOLDT BAY INN  • Adorni Center
 Russ Cole  Rescue Mission    rcmf 2022  beverages of any kind may be taken into or out of venues.    232 West Fifth Street  • The Inn at 2nd & C (EAGLE HOUSE)
 Norm Crawford  Retired Teachers   “Drink it or dump it”      COMFORT INN              139 2nd Street
 Kevin Held  Ross Rowley    Guild members  • RECORDING: No unauthorized video or audio is permitted  HUMBOLDT BAY   • Best Western Plus Humboldt Bay Inn
 Jeff Kelley  Russell Owsley & Crew                                                   • Holiday Inn Express
 Sam Safier  Specialty Traffic Systems  • REFUNDS: There are NO refunds on badges or tickets  4260 Broadway  815 West Wabash Ave
 Mike Schwartz (Tofu)  Terry Long  Esther Allen*  Barbara E. Maxon **  • SERVICE ANIMALS: Only service animals with documentation  DAYS INN EUREKA  • Morris Graves Museum/Eureka Theater
 SITE MANAGERS  Terry’s Pumps & Filters   Lupe Barrett  Robert Maxon**  are permitted. Animals in training are allowed in venues.  270 Fifth Street  • Veteran's Memorial Building
 Anna Hamilton  The Donut Mill   Hersh Brown*  Lynn McKenna**  ALCOHOL POLICY ~  THE INN AT 2ND & C  • Sequoia Conference Center
 Becky Roth  The Party Place  Marty Carlson  Mark McKenna**  • Alcohol beverage purchases are limited to 2 per purchase  139 Second Street  • Red Lion Hotel
 Felicity Barstow  Val Jansen  Kay Escarda**  Charlene Pellatz**  • Alcohol sales end 1 hour prior to scheduled end of a show  (707) 613-0142
 Gail Owren                                                   RED LION HOTEL
 Jim Roth  You Shop.  Bill Greenwood*  Pete Rasmussen  • Persons under the age of 30 are required to show I.D. to   1929 Fourth Street
 Jodie Federigi  Amazon Pays.  Susan Hansen**  Bryan Rehling**  purchase alcohol
 John Stuart  Frank Jager*   Donna Landry-Rehling**  • Alcohol will not be served to any individual who presents
 Jonnie Miller  If you choose Redwood Coast   Sarah Jager      Ted Schuette**  signs of intoxication or impairment
 Larry Alexander  Music Festivals, AmazonSmile   Mark Jansen**  Mary Scott  • Any individual presenting signs of intoxication or impairment
 Lizzy Moonbeam  will donate 0.5% of your   Robert Kirkpatrick  Dale Stockly*  will be subject to intervention by festival staff
 Macie Boughton  eligible purchases to us when   Jeff Lamoree**  Judith Stoffer**  • Removal from the premises of alcoholic beverages
 you shop, at no cost to you!
 Mary Stuart   Byrd Lochtie**  Brenda Zwiefelhofer  is strictly prohibited
 Pamela Cosel  Donations Made Easy  Barbara A. Maxon**  Jerry Zwiefelhofer
 Queena Delaney  Go to
 Shauna McKenna  $100 Annual Membership  RCMF could face substantial financial penalties if open beverage
     containers of any kind (including soft drinks, bottled water, or coffee/tea)
 Shelly Lusk  Guild members help support live music in our community  are brought into or removed from any venue*. We ask that you respect
 Su Kiel  and acknowledge this state regulation.
          *5 Year Member   [   **10 Year Member
 Suzie Owsley  *California State Law: Business & Professions Code Section 23396.
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