Festival Update - 08/30/21



Redwood Coast Music Festival is moving from May to September 30-October 3, 2021.   


First, we want to say that as much as we enjoy planning a fantastic music festival and throwing a great party, we value everyone’s health and safety even more. Every decision we make takes that into consideration.

As you are aware, the coronavirus pandemic is not under control, but early speculation tells us that there may be a vaccine available by the end of the year. Even if that does happen, our best guess is that it will take many months to disseminate the vaccine and for confidence in public interaction to return.


The Redwood Coast Music Festival takes place in nearly every public and private venue in Eureka. For us to reopen, we must receive permission from the State of California as well as local health authorities. At this point, it’s just not likely restrictions will be lifted to that extent anytime soon, or when the state will feel absolutely sure that it is safe to do so. For us to produce a quality festival, it takes a lot of people and a lot of planning hours.  Venues need to be cleared to reopen for business, bands need to be cleared for live performances, volunteers need to cleared and trained to work in the venues.  Our best information is that all of these critical festival parts are many months away from being allowed to function.


There are a few things that we can be more certain about.  When Redwood Coast Music Festival plans a festival, we reach for high standards.  We want to maximize fun for our participants.  That includes providing the right mix of bands and music genres, quality venues, and affordable hotel availability for our patrons.  We acknowledge that it is very hard on our patrons, our bands, our venues, and our hotels when we keep changing the date.  We get it! We are all doing our best to try and plan to the extent possible in these difficult circumstances.   And we appreciate your patience and support.  Redwood Coast Music Festival has a plan.  Ready?


Redwood Coast Music Festival is moving from May to the first week in October 2021—September 30-October 3, 2021.  It turns out that Fall in Eureka has some of the most beautiful weather of the year and is a fantastic time to hold a festival. We’ve already made some early inquiries, and most of our musician partners, venues, and hotels anticipate being available by that time.  RCMF also believes that by then, we have the best chance of being cleared of current restrictions.


There’s more – your tickets will automatically transfer and work for the new date – you won’t need to do anything else.


As for our original May 2021 festival dates, we will take this one step at a time.  If restrictions are lifted with enough time left to plan for a much smaller music celebration, just remember that we know how to through a party.  Check back with us for a decision in March at the latest.


Redwood Coast Music festival is eagerly awaiting the days when we can all gather with our friends to celebrate live music and dance once again.


Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all Sept 30, 2021

Redwood Coast Music Festival Board of Directors